.​.​.​And After All

from by Ponder



she said she needed to go. she came as a kid and she leaves as a grown. time passed and so did her youth. she´s angry she´s sad and it seems like she loses.

she leans her head on my shoulder and as the leaves fall i tightly hold her. she whispers in silence she´s scared as fuck what if we´re dying with no story left.

that´s ain´t it we´ve got more to tell

what if the ocean is flooding the city and we´re dying we´re drowning we´re going down tonight? what if the bombs drop and finally quit it will you go down with a smile?

i know the time will come when we have to ask should we stay or run. you can´t go on any longer don´t know if i am stronger.

but these hands are not tired. at least not yet i´ll carry you higher. i´ll start at the bottom and stop on top of the mountain and on it´s highest peak we´ll look around and that´s ain´t it.

we´ve got more to tell.

i think we´ll dance when it collapses above our head we won´t go down then.

and after all you´re just a story it´s up to you if it´s worth to tell.


from STORIES, released February 6, 2017


all rights reserved


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