from by Ponder



do you know the shocking news? london is burning. the radio speaks to some experts which are earning far too much. don´t let my mind wander. i´m really really scared. what if this happens to our home? oh sweet home. to our home. oh sweet home.

we will dance in the ashes. in the ashes of our own. burn down our burden won´t bequeath it to our sons. we will open a new chapter a new world a new life. and someday they´ll raise a monument in honor who survived.

do you know the shocking news? our hometown is drowning. while idiotic fanatics try to bring us to our knees. but we won´t go down, we won´t surrender. i´m absolutely sure that we will defend our home. oh sweet home. our home. oh sweet home.

and we will raise our fists to protect the glory and we´ll sing an anthem which tells our story. it goes ooooooh.


from STORIES, released February 6, 2017


all rights reserved


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