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he´s a fighter. galaxy rider. as far as i can tell, never a liar. full of emotions. but he can´t show ´em. his mouth is moving but the words won´t come out. guess he´s crying while he´s flying in the falcon following hamill. kickin´ asses. that´s his passion. but i guess there´s more behind.

hey chewy what you´re trying to say. try to listen but i can´t understand. you look like you don´t mind. for sure chewbacca is a sad guy.

gets on the falcon plays chess when he gets lonely when he´s a mess. and on his worst days he´s down again and he beliees this time it might be different. but in the deep of his chest there´s beating the sad rest. princess leia has a place there. but the hole will be never filled.

chewbacca is a sad guy.


from STORIES, released February 6, 2017


all rights reserved


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