Coming Home

from by Ponder



i woke up early today and took the train at 10.30. i´m still a bit hasty and i´m still a bit nervous. it´s been a goddamn while since we were all home but as i leave the train it´s like those days before. andy picked me up with his van and i can be who i am. freddy´s smoking some weed ´cause that´s what we always did. i was so scared of being alone, all my friends are finally home.

of course a lot has changed since those days but in some crazy way it stays the same.

and we are storming the parking lot lisening to our favorite songs. for another night we´ll be fine. and i guess that it´s quite okay when all the haters say: "goddamn you have to grow up."

"the casket" at the corner is closed. maybe forever don´t know. we had a lot of those brawls, our names still graved on the walls. hipsters still surround us with their grown-up minds and fancy glasses. mikey doesn´t care he causes trouble today.

they say it´s time to let my heroes die. they say it´s time to move on with my life. won´t let them die.


from STORIES, released February 6, 2017


all rights reserved


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