I´m Alright

from by Ponder



so there you are. how was your term abroad? tell me all of your apartment was it big have you traveld the roads we talked about the times before have you ever passed out on the floor?

´cause you can´t handle the drinks they serve. tell me everything about lessons learned. with your adventure you could fill a book. i want to be the one who takes the first look. surely it all stucks in your head. there are stories you´d never tell. but i want to be a part of it. really want to be a part of it.

come on and take me down to the river. your words make me believe that i am fine. your words make me believe that i´m alright.

when we were young we swore we´d build a raft. and we´ll follow the river even if it´s the last thing we will do in our lifes. cut the cord and we´re on a ride. but we never really cut the cord. you´re the one who left me alone.

and all that remains are the stories in my head.

i´m alright.


from STORIES, released February 6, 2017


all rights reserved


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