Messed Up

from by Ponder



it feels so wrong the days slip by on and on. once i feel strong, strong enough to move the shelter collapses i get off with bruises the voices in my head sing: once again i´m losing.

i feel my knees getting weaker every time i try to go on. my breath is getting deeper and i´m trying just to follow. all those dreams made by myself and it seems like i can´t handle. fill my lunges then hey collapse. there´s still burning a small candle.

i´m running circles in my mind, trying to look up, trying to find something worth to reach so i don´t fall in too deep.

i guess i´m messed up forever and i´m drowning in the water. slowly fills my lung with tears and it gets better. i guess i´m messed up forever and ever and ever. sorry to my friends i left standing at the shore.

the struggling has worn me down i´m hopelessly jaded. i´m fading all away and i pretend that i will save ´em. so i´m slipping and i´m sinking but i´m drowning way too slow. make a future make a living but i say: "no."

do me a favor and bury me by the river where we used to be. when we were kids.


from STORIES, released February 6, 2017


all rights reserved


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