One Day

from by Ponder



maybe i´m a typical guy, living a typical lie and maybe all my friends might ask me what the fuck i´m doing with my life. at least i´m not sure about it. i´m facing all my problems. they´re coming without warning and i´m trying just to solve them.

so am i sad? i guess i´m not. but sometimes life´s a bit too hard

but one day i´ll walk down straight the glory lane and dumb down all the pain. but one day i´ll walk down straight the glory land and the bad days will fade away.

this is my last semester. i promise that i won´t mess up. i know i said this a hundred times but it is easier to live a lie. guess i´m sorry for hanging out too much with my best friends at the parking lot. should feel sorry for messing up, to be honest i don´t.

and if i have to climb the mountain i will move it instead and if it takes one hundred years i´ll walk through with upraised head.


from STORIES, released February 6, 2017


all rights reserved


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