from by Ponder



they were dancing in the dark to the party in their heads. you took me to city park we jumped through sprinklers instead. we were dancing in the dark to the playlists in our hearts. like two kids who jump around turned the silence into sound.

there´s looking at you but there´s no looking at me. don´t know if it´s true but there is something i see. there´s looking at you but there is nothing to feel.

i watched you sleeping the next day i don´t know what to say since i met you in vancouver. you pretend nothing happend and i tried to be brave but i´m still stuck in vancouver.

all the days i spent with you on your special city tour. you showed me your secret place i just remember your face. sometimes i guess i felt at home. sometimes you seemed to be strange. someday i will be gone. will you remember my name?

i stay forever with you in vancouver.


from STORIES, released February 6, 2017


all rights reserved


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