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this is no revolt, this is just me

by Ponder



Our first EP "this is no revolt, this is just me"
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released December 21, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Journey was a punkrock band
Are you listening to this song? | don´t you know that you are wrong? | this is not your style of music | you adore another one | get the fuck back to the roots | this is no fucking dispute | this is just another fact | you have to hear a punkrock act | disputations | vociferations | just an act of desperation | never guiding | to the station | with the line to abrogation | don´t peg me as something i don´t want to be | this is no revolt, this is just me | society created some pigeonholes | if this would be mine, i do not agree | you want to be punk rock? | you want to be as cool as us? | don´t even think about it | you´d have to do the same busting stuff | we decided another way | on which you cannot follow us | this means that we require | a high degree of trust | you can be what you want |
Track Name: Backforward
life can come down on us like a ton of bricks | but the journey is the reward even if it´s out in the sticks | we chased for glory and for more than we could hold | but we gave it all ´cause fortune favors the bold | we tried it too hard and wanted it too bad | backforward, backforward | our plans were called forever | but forever ends today | so lets go back to the present | and once again: "Enter the fray!" | An ape´s an ape a varlet´s a varlet | though the be clad in silk or scarlet | we were the apes but nevermind we´ve could been less | i wish i had not said that, ´cause we regressed | we tried it too long and in too many ways | some rethought agendas that sounds quite familiar | make assurance double sure and realise our sins yeah | just to write the down on a piece of paper | so we can remember, and can cut the same caper |
Track Name: I'm alive
times like these are changing | ´cause the friends are waving goodbye | the words in my diary are the same | but the meaning has changed | these days i sit at home | and i stare at my tv | waiting for a wake-up call | a friend who says: "Hey it´s me!" | but now i know, i´m still alive | I´m alive i´m alive | but now i am getting tired to sing for more than one | i´m alive i´m alive | but no one´s next to me, the band is almost gone | so i grab my guitar | play some songs of better times | but i feel under par | before you sang by my side | but now i can´t stop | sing along my faked words | the fear in me is growing up | before i cry i stop these chords | i´m alive
Track Name: Pride is gone
you´re standing on the fame we enabled you | you´re expanding far away from those guys we looked up to | you took your henchmen for granted | we sang your words and we chanted | but the words changed to doubts | what you win on the swings you lose on the roundabouts | passion is gone | which we once loved | you wasted our time | this were our prime | are you proud you´re smuggering about yourself | but death is no respector of wealth | fame is but a transient shadow, let me guess: | you won´t know your friends at least | you´re exploiting the lovers who die for you | you´re avoiding reality, on top of the world you look down to | the mass who pushed you, to the limit | who forgave the mess you did | the know all your lines by heart | they related to you, but you´re poles apart | Pride gets no pleasure out of having something, only out of having more of it than the next man. It is the comparison that makes you proud: the pleasure of being above the rest. Once the element of competition is gone, pride is gone |