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from by Ponder



i remember the day that i drove to your home. you called me to come over ´cause there´s something wrong. you sat there waiting on the doorsteps with crying eyes i´m not set to what will happen now i want to go but you said

please tell me that we will always be friends.

i don´t wanna talk again we will never just be friends. you were just a dream for me now a painful memory. i don´t hate you no i don´t. but i don´t know you anymore.

i remember sitting next to you and holding your hand. please tell me that it´s over ´cause i can´t go on. again we´re standing on this doorsteps and still that thing you don´t get. please listen to me now. but you said.

please tell me that we will always be friends until the fucking end.


from STORIES, released February 6, 2017



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